Getting selected for GSoC'23@RADIS!

Somesh Verma · May 24, 2023

I am Somesh Verma,a third year undergrad at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. I have been accepted as contributor to the OpenAstronomy RADIS.

Choosing Organisation

I chose OpenAstronomy as i have interest in astronomy right from my childhood and RADIS also aline with my interst and skills .I have also contributed to Libre Health App for Baby Care but then i shifted my focus only to RADIS . By the end i had four merged pull request and I was working on the fifth issue.

Contriutions and Experience

I started to contribute to RADIS from January’23 , initially i faced problem to set up the things and run the code . After one weel or so I fixed the issues and than I spent one week on understanding the codebase ,reading documentation and try examples. By now , i had developed a rough understanding of the code .

Then , I started to find issue over which i can work and started to work on the issues ,mentors have been quite helpful so far, whenever i got struck somewhere ,they helped in resolving the issue .

I am looking forward to have the great Learning experience this Summer with RADIS :)

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